Heart-Shaped Lambeth Cake

Oh honey, these aren’t just any cakes – they’re Heart-Shaped Lambeth Cakes, and they’re here to steal the show… and maybe your heart!

All dolled up in the fanciest of frostings, with swirls and twirls that’ll make your head spin. It’s like the cake version of a flirty wink; it’s got layers of sass and a whole lot of class.

These sweethearts are the talk of the town with their vintage vibes and colorful charm. Choose your hues to match your mood, and watch as these cakes turn heads at any bash.

They’re not just a treat, they’re a statement. These heart-throbs are your go-to.



*2 layers, filling optional

• Small heart - 4-6 slices
• Medium heart - 12-16 slices
• Large heart - 36-40 slices